At BRAND+, we are more focused on your requirements and how we provide the best solutions to promote your brand. Below are few services we offer.

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Never head out without a map:
    For any marketing component to be successful it must be part of a larger, overall marketing strategy. Whether you are developing a website, postcard or brochure to market your products and services, it is important to set goals and to integrate each piece into your marketing plan.

    Look to the big picture:
    All too often people will focus on specific solutions, such as “I need a website”, but fail to plan around the components they build. For instance, how will you integrate the website into your outreach? How will people find your website? How can the website help pre-qualify customers and eliminate unnecessary bids or inquiries?

    If you already have a marketing strategy, We will ensure your project best works with and complements it. If you do not have a marketing strategy, We can outline areas around the piece we are developing to maximize its effectiveness.

    Realistic plans for real results:
    Every business has its budgets. It is important to understand this before recommending any strategy. Making every rupee count is the only way to ensure your strategy is a benefit, not a financial burden. For small businesses this is critical since, typically, you must rely on a smaller number of programs that work vs. numerous programs you can test in order to find one that really works. We understand this. And we work to find the best plan before we implement anything.

    Common Marketing Components:
    - Branding & Corporate Identity
    - Marketing Collaterals
    - Website
    - Online Presence
    - Brochures
    - Electronic Brochures
    - Online Request Forms
    - Online Newsletter
    - Email Marketing Campaigns
    - Online Advertising
    - Digital and Social Marketing

  • Branding & Corporate Identity

  • Give them something to recognize
    Branding & Corporate identity is important whether you are a small company or a large corporation. The image you put forth in reaching and working with your customers and clients in large part forms their opinion of your business. A well defined image and identity puts you in control of shaping this opinion in a way that best represents your company.

    There is more to your corporate identity than your logo
    Most people associate corporate identity with their company logo. While this plays an important role a logo alone can’t carry your image through without supporting materials. You should strive to create a consistent image through every point of contact with your customers and clients. This means on your website, in your email communications, brochures and letters, and in any outward communications pieces.

    Practice what you preach
    Just as your corporate identity helps to define your image to the outside world, it also works internally. Your internal communications, memos, company intranet etc. should all work together in building a strong image of your company for your employees. It will set the tone for how the company should be represented to your customers and clients.

    Don’t go changing!
    Consistency is key. We can introduce you to methods that make maintaining consistency simple, such as company style guidelines, document and website style sheets and other simple tools that can take the guesswork out of remaining consistent in your image.

    Corporate Identity Components
    - Logo Development
    - Taglines and Mission Statements
    - Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes
    - Corporate Style Guides
    - Communication Templates
    - Email Signatures
    - Company Website and Intranet Design
    - Consistent Marketing Collaterals

  • Design Services

  • Design is essential to communications
    Nothing leaves the office without some form of design. If you do any type of outreach, chances are you have a need for a designer. We offer integrated design services and standalone design services for projects that don’t require writing, or other support work.

    Good design will always win
    Our design stems from a strong marketing background. It focuses on creating a clean, visually enticing look that helps to best communicate your message or showcase your product offering. We firmly believe that a well-designed piece will always perform better than one that is rough around the edges.

    We also bring a great deal of experience in establishing corporate identity packages, including logo design. Our corporate identity designs will always allow for simple branding elements that can be used to establish your identity throughout all channels of your communications. It’s our goal to make presenting a unifying look, in everything you do, a simple process. We can carry out a theme with colors, patterns, icons and photography treatments and probably a few other techniques we can surprise you with.

    Whether you are establishing a new identity, need a new website design, banner ads, or a print ad, we’ve got the talent and the experience to bring you first class results.

    Design Services
    - Corporate Identity
    - Corporate Logos
    - Corporate Brochures
    - Annual Reports
    - Product Logos
    - Print Advertisements
    - Online Advertisements
    - Direct Mail Design
    - Posters
    - Internal/External Communications
    - Sales Sheets
    - Postcards
    - Website Design
    - Online Brochures
    - PDF Documents
    - Corporate Presentations
    - Sales Pitches

  • Web Services

  • Design, Development, Promotion and More
    We specialize in all areas of website design and promotion. Our hands-on approach and communications expertise ensures that you receive not only a new website, but that you will have a clearly defined position for your company before putting your site online.

    Attention to Detail Where it Counts
    We look at websites and website redesigns as the starting point for all of your company’s marketing materials. And it should be. Your company is showcased in more detail on your website than perhaps anywhere else. It is here that you should make your best impression. We make certain you do.

    All the Tools You Need for Professional Results
    We offer a full-range of website development and support services. Unlike most website design companies, we can help you get your site done right even if you are lacking supporting content, photography or need assistance developing an overall website strategy.

    Experienced, Proven and Trusted Advice
    If you are new to the web development process or are looking for an honest and dedicated partner for your next project, you have come to the right place. Browse our list of web services, and please contact us with any questions.
    Web Design, Development and Website Marketing Solutions:
    - Domain, Hosting & Emails
    - SSL Certificates
    - Website Design
    - Development
    - App Design and Development
    - Website Promotion
    - Online Advertising
    - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Critical to every business
    Marketing collateral can be defined as the print and online components that represent your company’s offerings to prospective clients. In developing your collateral we strive to find the right mix of components, both on and offline, to provide the most value for your money.

    Make sure it all works together
    Whether you are creating a single piece to add to your existing collateral or are developing an entirely new set of materials, our proven process of identifying needs and goals results in pieces that deliver.

    Our Systematic Approach to Collateral:
    - Development
    - Client Input
    - Assessment
    - Evaluation of Current Materials in Use
    - Analysis of Target Audience
    - Strategy Development
    - Project Plan Approval
    - Content Development
    - Design and Implementation
    - Final Assessment and Approvals
    - Printing or Online Publishing

    Most Common Traditional Collateral
    - Sales Sheets
    - Brochures
    - Marketing/Sales Letters
    - Direct Mail Pieces
    - Mail Inserts
    - Newsletter Templates
    - Corporate Identity – logos, business cards, letterhead, envelopes
    - Online Collateral Pieces
    - Corporate Websites
    - Electronic Brochures
    - Multimedia Presentations
    - Product Demos
    - Ad Landing Pages
    - Email Newsletters

  • Printing

  • WE and your printing needs
    It may be a simple visiting card of 2”x3”or huge flex for the 20’x 50’ hoarding, we take care all kinds of printing works.

    We have a special tie-up with all the leading printers in Hyderabad. And most importantly we charge less than what they may charge to you when you go directly to them.

    Types of printing
    We undertake all kinds of printing such as Screen Printing, Offset Printing, Digital Printing, Flex/Vinyl Printing, etc. by optimizing the cost and not compromising on the quality of the out come

    We have both the options open for you. If you want us to design your printing material we will do that. Or else if you already have the design we will just execute the printing work.

    Most importantly we won’t compromise on the quality.


    You name it... We print it...
    - All POP material
    - Posters
    - Digital Prints
    - Annual reports
    - Brochures
    - Mementoes
    - Certificates
    - Company Stationery
    - Direct Mailers
    - Display Boards and Banners
    - Flex/Vinyl & Cloth Banners
    - Flute Boards/ Sun Boards
    - Glow Sign Boards
    - Leaflets
    - Marketing Letters
    - Newsletter
    - Packaging
    - Pamphlets
    - Postcards
    - Printing on Caps, T shirts
    - Tradeshow Materials

  • Copywriting & Photography

  • Critical to success & too often the hold up
    Copywriting spells success in any communication venture. Copywriting, too, is one of the most common holdups when it comes to getting your project off the ground. Why is that? Usually because this task is assigned to a manager within your company who has day-to-day responsibilities that preclude them from finding the large blocks of uninterrupted time it takes to put together good copy.

    Get on the right track
    By offering copywriting services we can help keep your project on track. And another key to working with an outsourced writer; you get a fresh look at your pitch from a third-party. All too often in-house copy is developed too close to the source. Meaning, the writer is too in touch with the product or service and may assume the reader knows things they simply don’t. Or your copy can be so loaded with corporate branding and mission statements that it misses the mark. If you’ve ever struggled putting together your own resume, you understand being too close to the source to write an effective piece.

    Learn to outsource
    An outsourced copywriter must first learn about your product or service before they can begin writing. In this discovery process they will identify the key points that mean the most to them, as an outsider looking in. There will be, on occasion, key pieces that a writer may leave out that are critical, such as the single factor that separates you from a competitor. This is part of the discovery process and what approvals and revisions are for. You will find this will help bring you a clearer picture of your pitch as it unfolds. Working closely together through this process will help define your message, and ultimately deliver better results.

    Outsourced Copywriting is Perfect for:
    - Print Advertisements
    - Online Advertisements
    - Direct Mail
    - Marketing Letters
    - Online Advertising
    - Tradeshow Materials
    - Websites
    - TV Commercials

    We offer a range of professional photography services, from corporate photography to weddings. For more information on your photography services please contact us. Or submit a request for proposal with details about your project or event.

    Professional Photography Services
    - Office Branding
    - Events
    - Corporate
    - Environmental Portraits
    - Editorial
    - Product Shots
    - Television

    Now, it's time for you to provide your requirements to promote your Brand. Ask us for any other services which you are looking for. We are waiting to hear from you. Happy to be part of your Brand building journey.

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